National Angel Summit in Halifax Underscores Leadership Role in Recovery

The National Angel Organization’s (NAO) Angel Investor Summit will take place from October 15-17, 2008, in Halifax. As the nation’s top investors in early stage companies, angels are displacing venture capital in the development of Canada’s future employers and world champions, and are continuing to grow companies in the midst of market upheaval. (Watch a video of Innovacorp's Dan MacDonald present on "Vetting Early Stage Investment Opportunities" at the event: WWW.GOLDENCOAST.CA/2008/NAO)

The Summit attracts angel investors from across Canada and around the world.  Panels convening at the Summit will discuss:

1. Building international co-investment networks
2. Sustainability of angel groups
3. Tools and techniques for launching side-car funds
4. Engineering killer exits, and
5. Universities, technology and commercialization

In addition, the Summit boasts a number of world-class speakers, including: Dan MacDonald, president and CEO of Innovacorp; Frank Peters, angel and podcasting host of; Permjot Valia of the United Kingdom Enterprise Investment Scheme Association; and David Berkus, managing partner of Kodiak Ventures LP and author of Extending the Runway: Leadership Strategies for Venture Capitalists and Executives of Funded Companies.

A full agenda is available on the NAO website, WWW.ANGELINVESTOR.CA.

“In the current economic climate, angel investors have become the primary source of commercialization capital,” said W. Daniel Mothersill, president, National Angel Organization. “If our start-ups are to become Canada’s world-class employers of the future, we must ensure their access to the capital they need to grow. That means forming angel groups, establishing side-car funds, and fostering co-investment: organizing angels on a regional, national or even international basis to invest together in the most significant high potential opportunities.”

About Angel investors (WWW.ANGELINVESTOR.CA)
Angel investors are individuals who invest their own money in start-up companies, often providing business expertise that contributes to the success of young companies. Because angel investors typically invest at an earlier stage of growth and provide more business guidance than venture capital providers, angel investors are essential players in generating high growth companies essential to regional economic development and Canada’s economic competitiveness.

About the National Angel Organization (WWW.ANGELINVESTOR.CA)
The NAO is the Canadian voice of angel investors dedicated to promoting best practices and advocacy for angel investors. The NAO provides angel investors with a secure environment to network and learn from their peers, as well as the opportunity to be heard collectively on national issues.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 3, 2008