Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently achieved the highest international quality standards for medical devices, ISO 13485:2003/CMDCAS and EN ISO 13485:2003.

These standards are recognized by the European Commission as a key requirement for CE Mark approval for medical devices such as Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals’ anti-adhesion gel for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions. The standards are also recognized by Health Canada as key requirements for approval of medical devices in Canada. Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals will use this achievement to eventually tap into the global market for anti-adhesion products.

Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals develops medical devices and therapeutic drug delivery systems based on the NOCC polymer, which is found in shrimp shells. A bioadhesive to reduce gynecological post-surgical adhesions is the company’s most advanced medical device product, and oral delivery of peptides is its most exciting opportunity in the drug delivery area. For more information, visit WWW.KYTOGENICS.COM.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 10, 2005