Coemergence Inc., a leading provider of opportunity and threat discovery software solutions, is pleased to announce that its client, Gold Fields, has received an InfoWorld 100 Award.

Each year, InfoWorld honors 100 IT projects which utilize the most innovative, cutting-edge technologies to further business goals and objectives.

Gold Fields received the award for its GIS-based Global Business Area Rating system (Gbar) which expands on Coemergence’s ACIS software including mining deposit production statistics, refined coordinates, and key geological information of gold deposits across the globe. ACIS’ robust, one-stop repository for both hard and soft data links to Gold Fields’ GIS (Geographical Information System). The system allows real-time data to be plotted from anywhere in the world revealing signals of opportunities and threats. Gold Fields is leveraging ACIS to develop a strategy which is both opportunistic on a project level and proactive toward long-term exploration and business development.

“ACIS provides the vehicle for meeting the global challenge of filtering through masses of information to identify new opportunities ahead of competitors,” comments Project Lead and Gold Fields’ Chief Geologist, Rael Lipson. “By using the Gbar system, we have been able to address, in a rigorous way, the fundamental questions of what type of opportunities to look for, and where to look.”

InfoWorld delivers in-depth coverage and evaluation of IT products for technology experts involved in major purchase decisions for their companies. A brief description of Gold Field’s award winning project can be found atWWW.INFOWORLD.COM/ARTICLE/06/11/13/46FE06IW100UNSPECIFIED_1.HTML.

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