John Roy, chairman of the board of directors of Coemergence, announced today the appointment of Rodney F. Burgar as chief executive officer of the company, effective immediately. As CEO, Burgar succeeds Mr. Chender, founder and major shareholder of the company, who will remain as Coemergence president.

Coemergence also announced the appointment of Alan Webb as chief financial officer, and Vaughn McIntyre as vice president of business development for the company.

"Over the last decade, Rod has held senior executive positions in a number of organizations which were experiencing rapid growth, where he focused on leadership and achieving operational excellence," Mr. Roy said. "Rod’s mix of strategic vision, passion and discipline, combined with his intimate understanding of growth in emerging technology companies, make him the right person to take Coemergence forward at this stage in the company’s life cycle."

Mr. Burgar said: "Coemergence is a recognized leader in the development of innovative knowledge-based software solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. The company is in a very exciting period of growth. I look forward to building on the strong foundation Michael Chender has created and working with our customers as we grow. We have a great team, including Michael, who is a visionary, a recognized expert in competitive intelligence and the resource sector, and a trusted advisor to our customers."

Mr. Burgar’s understanding of how organizations can be positioned and operated for growth draws on his 25 years of experience as a businessman, an executive and a corporate lawyer specializing in information technology. Integrating these three areas has enabled Rod to focus on execution and to link strategy, operations and people to achieve optimal results.

"I am pleased to join the Coemergence team with both Alan Webb and Vaughn McIntyre," said Burgar. "The addition of these executives will add depth to the management team."

Mr. Webb has 30 years of financial and operations experience and has held CFO positions in a number of areas including emerging technology-based companies. Mr. McIntyre has over 30 years of sales and business development experience in the technology and e-commerce sectors. He has held both senior executive and operations positions. Recently, he has provided strategic leadership to several organizations in the area of early stage new markets and business development. Alan and Vaughn are both executives with Accelerator Inc., a management firm which specializes in the IT sector.

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Coemergence Inc. offers the next stage of competitive advantage for professionals who find, analyze or act on strategic business information. Its software solution, ACIS, is transforming the knowledge workplace by drawing on the previously uncaptured information and knowledge held within an organization's people - human intelligence. This opportunity rich intelligence is then woven together with secondary sources, resulting in the unprecedented foresight necessary to quickly and effectively identify and act on opportunities and threats.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 1, 2007