Research Highlights Densitas Breast Density Software Processes Standard Digital Mammograms

Densitas Inc., developer of advanced breast imaging analytics technologies, announced today that research will be presented at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) that highlights the company’s automated breast density software, DM-Density.

Reproducibility of automated mammographic density measures between two digital mammography device vendors, a podium presentation, will highlight results that show near perfect agreement of DM-Density mammographic density measures between the vendors. “For automated breast density software that processes standard digital mammograms to bring clinical value, consistency across compatible vendor systems is critical,” said Mohamed Abdolell, CEO of Densitas. “Processing standard digital mammograms allows for breast density assessments of routinely stored standard digital mammograms and permits reprocessing of imaging data to easily accommodate various density scales.”

A poster presentation, Deriving a Risk-Based Breast Density Classification Scale for Population-Level Screening Using FFDM, uses DM-Density software to measure mammographic density and generates an empirically-determined density scale based on cancer risk. “We are seeing that automated mammographic density assessment software has the potential to enable risk-based stratification of women for personalized screening,” said Abdolell.

A second poster, Breast Density Scales: the Metric Matters, using DM-Density software, highlights that the increased granularity of mammographic density measurements generated by automated mammographic density assessment software raises the performance of cancer risk prediction models in comparison to broad assessments of density.

About Densitas
Densitas Inc. is a medical software company that is building a comprehensive advanced imaging analytics platform to generate actionable information targeted at improving mammography quality, and the associated better clinical outcomes and appropriate use of health resources. Densitas’ automated breast density software, DM-Density, uniquely analyzes standard digital mammograms with multi-vendor compatibility.

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Vienna, Austria, March 1, 2017