Advanced breast imaging analytics provider, Densitas, is deploying its breast density software at clinics and hospitals throughout Canada. The software, DM-Density, helps radiologists provide high-quality personalized follow-up care to women.

“We’re excited to see our innovations provide on-demand information about women’s breast health,” said Mohamed Abdolell, CEO of Densitas. “Radiologists are able to use our technology with existing hospital picture archiving and communication systems to process standard digital mammograms and measure breast density.”

Accurately assessing breast density is an important aspect of the mammography process. Dense breasts can mask breast cancer because breast cancer grows in glandular tissue, and glandular tissue may resemble healthy tissue on a mammogram. Breast density is also linked to an increased risk of having or developing cancer. Knowing a woman has dense breasts, a doctor may ensure she returns for more frequent breast screening and other follow-up care.

“We’re delighted to work with Densitas to incorporate their breast imaging analytics platform into our existing clinical workflow,” said Dr. Sian Iles, section head of Breast Imaging at the IWK Health Centre and associate professor of Radiology at Dalhousie University. “Densitas’ machine learning innovations are helping deliver high-quality care to our patients efficiently and effectively.”

DM-Density has been introduced to Nova Scotia through a province-wide installation as part of a Build in Canada Innovation Program contract.

“This contract is validation of the demand for our technology,” said Abdolell. “DM-Density uniquely processes from multiple systems the same mammograms that radiologists examine, providing patient-specific breast density measures that can be used to triage women for follow-up care in a standardized manner with the intent of improving health outcomes while encouraging responsible use of healthcare resources.”

Other installations throughout Canada are underway.

About Densitas
Densitas develops machine learning technologies that deliver actionable information for personalized breast health. The technologies address the key challenges facing breast screening, including mammography quality, workflow performance, compliance, and costs, with the aim of improving patient health efficiently and effectively. Densitas has received regulatory clearance to sell its automated breast density assessment software in Canada and the European Union. Learn more.

About Build in Canada Innovation Program
BCIP is a permanent, competitive first-purchase program offered by the Canadian government. Canadian companies can submit proposals for their innovative, pre-revenue products or services that have the potential to improve the government’s efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more.

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Alex Morris
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 23, 2017