February 2010 Round

Cape Breton University

Researcher: Jeff Slipp   
Project: Wireless Industrial Senornode Evaluation (WISE)

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Alan Fine   
Project: High-resolution Lensless Optical Microscope

Researcher: Darrel Doman   
Project: A Rotational Impact Internal Combustion Engine (RIICE)

Researcher: James Ellsmere   
Project: Targeted Biopsy Needle

Researcher: Michael Cada   
Project: New Robust Algorithmic Technology for Evaluation of Linear Prolate Functions

Researcher: Michael Dunbar   
Project: Distal Radius Fracture Device

Researcher: Richard Price   
Project: Advancing a Novel Training and Research Tool in Response to Market Feedback

Researchers: Tom A. Gill, Rafael Garduno and Carrie Donovan   
Project: Decontamination of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins In Cultured Shellfish Using Marine Bacteria

IWK Health Centre

Researchers: Ryan D’Arcy, Donald F. Weaver and Christopher J. Barden   
Project: Prototype Development for the Halifax Consciousness Scanner

Saint Francis Xavier University

Researcher: Dr. Gerrard Marangoni and Dr. Kulbir Singh   
Project: X-Out Gel Cleaner: A Superior, Odour-free, Environmentally-friendly White Board Cleaning Product - Manufacture, Marketing and Commercialization

October 2009 Round

Acadia University

Researcher: Kirk Hillier
Project: Anatomy Interactive

Researcher: Conor Vibert
Project: Multimedia Case Management System

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Jeremy Brown
Project: High-Resolution Ultrasound Endoscope for Imaging the Ear and Auditory System

Researcher: Biman Das
Project: Das Ergonomic Wheelchair

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Researcher: Vasantha Rupasinghe
Project: Natural Food Antioxidant Product for Omega-3 Lipid Stabilization

Nova Scotia Community College

Researcher: Trevor Milne
Project: LiDAR Workbench: Processing LiDAR Data into Usable Information

Saint Francis Xavier University

Researcher: David Risk
Project: Technical Project Management for X-Flux Environmental Technologies Inc. and Technology Commercialization

Researcher: Gerrard Marangoni
Project: Super Cleaning Surfactant Mixture – Bridging the Gap to Global Industry

Researcher: Neil Foshay
Project: BI Diagnostics:  A business process for developing BI strategy in Fortune 1000 organizations

Université Sainte-Anne

Researcher: Michelle Theriault
Project:  Juvenile Lobster Culture Unit