February 2011 Round

Cape Breton University

Researcher: Rod Beresford
Project: Commercial Scale Treatment of MSX Infected Oysters

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Mark Stradiotto
Project: Water-Soluble DalPhos Ligands (WDalPhos) for Use in Fine Chemical Production

Researcher: Daniel Boyd
Project: Commercialization of OccluRad

Researcher: Mohamed Abdolell
Project: Fully Automated Mammographic Density Measurement Algorithm Development and Commercialization

Researcher: Tong-Jun Lin
Project: Development of Anti-allergic Compound

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Researcher: Richard Ablett
Project: Modular Pilot System Development for Surface Active Biocultured (SAB) Active Matrix Protein Generation for Salmonid Aquaculture Feed Integration

Nova Scotia Community College

Researcher: Sarah Galley
Project: Device for Repositioning Patients to Correct Slouching Posture in Wheelchairs
NSCAD University

Researcher: Robin Muller
Project: Warming Hut

November 2010 Round – Emerging Medical Technologies

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Geoffrey Maksym
Project: tremoFlo Oscillation Spirometer Commercialization

Researcher: Paul Gratzer
Project: Decellularization of Soft Tissue

October 2010 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Alan Doucette
Project: Disposable Spin Cartridges for Protein Purification

Researcher: M.H. Jericho
Project: Development of an In-line Holographic Flow Cytometer with a Fiber-optic Point Source

Researcher: Michael Dunbar
Project: Gait Monitoring on Smartphones

Researcher: Lei Liu
Project: A Submerged Membrane-bioreactor Microfiltration Pilot Unit for the Treatment of Oily Wastewater

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Researchers: Qamar Zaman, Arnold Schumann and David Percival
Project: Prototype Cost-effective Automated Variable Rate Sprayer for Spot-application of Agrochemicals

Researcher: Vasantha Rupasinghe
Project: Natural Antioxidants-enriched Oil Free Apple Chips Product

Saint Francis Xavier University

Researchers: Todd A. Boyle and Neil MacKinnon
Project: SafeyNET-Rx: Business Development of a Pharmacy-based Continuous Quality Improvement Program