February 2012 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: George Robertson and Vasantha Rupasinghe
Project: Apple Skin-derived Flavonoid Formula for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Researcher: Robert Adamson and Jeremy Brown
Project: A High Frequency Ultrasound System for Small-Animal Preclinical Imaging

Researcher: Christopher Sinal
Project: Antibody Therapy for the Treatment of Osteoporosis and Related Bone Metabolism Disorders

Researchers: Mark Filiaggi, Robert Abraham and Arash Momeni
Project: Commercialization of CaP Liquid Embolic System

QE II Health Sciences Centre

Researcher: Michael Gross
Project: Implantable Ultrasonic Device for Monitoring the Progress of Bone Healing

Saint Mary’s University

Researcher: Michael Zhang
Project: Optimal Group Testing Policy for Electronic Manufacturing

October 2011 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Alan Doucette
Project: Commercialization of ProTrap XG – Disposable Cartridges for Protein Purification

Researchers: Sharon Kehoe, Daniel Boyd and Bob Abraham
Project: Product Development of the OcculuDel Embolic Delivery System and OccluRad Pre-filled Capsules

Researchers: Mohamed Abdolell
Project: Densitas – Automated Breast Density Measurement Embedded in the Breast Screening Workflow

Researcher: Darrel Doman
Project: Low-Cost Hollow Components Manufactured by the Powder Metallurgy Method

QE II Health Sciences Centre

Researcher: Michael Gross
Project: Long Bone Fixation Device that Allows Precise Placement of Stabilization Material