Innovacorp’s Early Stage Commercialization Fund (ESCF) helps move Nova Scotia university, college and university-affiliated hospital research to market. 
Below is a list of the 2017-2018 funded projects. 

Fall 2017 Round

Dalhousie University

Researchers: Doug Wallace, Chris L’Esperance
Project: Compact gas chromatography (GC) based analyzer 

Researchers: Christian Lehmann, Mary Lynch, Melanie Kelly
Project: Novel formulation for the treatment of interstitial cystitis 

Researcher: Gail Eskes
Project: Computerized assessment for post-operative cognitive dysfunction 

Cape Breton University

Researcher: Beth Mason
Project: Pilot-scale bio-processing of marine by-products for the simultaneous extraction of multiple value-added bio-products 

Researcher: Xu Zhang
Project: Electrochemical filtration of contaminated water