Innovacorp’s Early Stage Commercialization Fund (ESCF) helps move Nova Scotia university, college and university-affiliated hospital research to market. 

Below is a list of the 2018-2019 funded projects. 

Winter 2019 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Lukas Swan, Chris White
Project: Controllers for repurposed electric vehicle batteries to give them a “second life” grid application for electricity utilities

Researcher: Vincent Sieben
Project: Miniaturized lab-on-chip phosphate sensor for marine environments

Researcher: Colin O'Flynn
Project: Automated power analysis and cryptographic security analysis for embedded systems

Cape Breton University

Researcher: Beth Mason 
Project: Enzymatic chitosan derivation technology for natural plant biofungicide and insecticide

Researcher: Xu Zhang
Project: Electrochemical filtration of contaminated water

Fall 2018 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Daniel Boyd
Project: Medical device for osteoarthritis pain management

Researchers: Ian Hill, Samuel March
Project: Perovskite solar cells

Researchers: Orlando R. Hung, Andrew D. Milne, Matt d’Entremont
Project: Lightwand for trachea intubation

Researchers: John P. Frampton, Laurent Kreplak 
Project: Wound care product using bio-active polymer fibers


Researcher: Darren Oysterek 
Project: Virtual reality diagnostic tool for eye clinics

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Researcher: Michael Gross
Project: Mobile app to monitor patient's post-operative condition, detect potential problems and alert care providers