EastMed Inc., an Atlantic Canadian medical manufacturing company that caters specifically to women's health and wellness, officially launched its very first product in Halifax today.

The uresta™ Continence Care Kit, EastMed’s flagship product designed to stop bladder leakage, is expected to empower women to self-manage their stress urinary incontinence (SUI) with a breakthrough alternative to traditional products.

“This is an exciting day for us,” said Dr. Scott Farrell, EastMed president and head of the urogynaecology division at the IWK Health Centre. “We’ve been researching, developing, planning, conducting clinical trials, getting regulatory approvals and preparing this product for market for the past few years and now we’re here.”

EastMed Inc. secured $1.5 million in initial financing and mentoring support from Innovacorp and BDC Venture Capital’s Technology Seed Investments fund. EastMed’s early efforts were also supported by grants from ACOA and advice from Dalhousie University.

“Having access to Innovacorp’s incubation infrastructure, mentoring and investment programs has enabled us to overcome some of the early, traditional hurdles to entrepreneurial growth,” said Dr. Farrell.

“EastMed has a truly innovative product built on research, quality and expertise,” said Stephen Hartlen, Innovacorp’s vice president of mentoring. “Innovacorp is proud to have worked with and invested in EastMed on its path to success.”

The creation of the uresta™ bladder support stems from Dr. Farrell’s experiences in his Continence Care Clinic and his growing frustration with the lack of self-managed treatment options available to his female patients.

“I’ve dealt with many female patients over the years who suffer with urinary incontinence and I’ve seen the embarrassment and discomfort that comes with that,” said Dr. Farrell.

“While SUI is not a life threatening condition, it is a life altering one. Most people are surprised to hear that SUI affects one in three women worldwide between the ages of 30 and 55. It felt wrong to me that there was no product available that allowed women to self-manage their condition and I felt compelled to do something more for them.”

The uresta™ Continence Care Kit hit drug stores shelves across Atlantic Canada on Monday and is also available for purchase online at WWW.URESTA.COM.

EastMed expects to launch the uresta™ bladder support across Canada in 2008 and has plans to market in the United States and internationally over the next couple of years.

About Eastmed (WWW.EASTMED.CA)

EastMed Inc. is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a medical manufacturing company dedicated to inventing and bringing to market medical innovations that cater specifically to women's health and wellness. EastMed has received ISO world class quality certification, standards of quality recognized and respected throughout the world. The uresta™ Continence Care Kit is Health Canada approved.

For more information, please contact:
Charlene Fekeshazy
EastMed Inc. 
T: 1-902-421-5694 

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 3, 2007