With more than 50,000 student members, Equals6 has become an important online community for high school and post-secondary students. The company helps members achieve their career and academic goals by connecting them with employers, peers and exclusive scholarships.

“Students today need every advantage to get ahead. By partnering with top employers we are delivering on our mission to help students succeed,” said Andy Osburn, CEO of Equals6. “While students continue to register with Equals6 for career and scholarship opportunities, they are also contributing to the online community by participating in competitions and contests and by contributing to a wide range of discussion topics and groups.”

Osburn also noted that, while the company continues to focus on the US and Canada, it has seen students join from 70 countries, indicating strong international growth potential and an opportunity for the recruitment of international students by employers and schools.

To help its members find meaningful employment in an extremely difficult job market, Equals6 partners with employers that seek to hire top student talent. These employers have access to advanced recruiting tools to identify job candidates and are able to offer online recruiting events to targeted audiences. Meanwhile, student members are able to follow companies, search job postings and connect directly with employers.

According to Osburn, Equals6 is well positioned for continued success. “We are thankful to our student and employer members for their support and we look forward to announcing several exciting product enhancements and partnerships in the coming months,” said Osburn.

About Equals6
Equals6 is the online community where students compete for exclusive scholarships, make valuable connections and discover exciting career possibilities. Equals6 also serves as a social meeting place where students form groups, share ideas and hold lively discussions. As a social recruiting platform, Equals6 partners with select employers to provide its student members with career opportunities. The company has offices in Halifax, Canada and Boston. Learn more at www.equals6.com.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 30, 2013