Equals6, the professional social network for students, today announced the launch of its Top Talent scholarship crowdfunding platform, where supporters can help students get much-needed financial support by contributing to a pooled scholarship in the state or province of their choice.

Supporters can even name a scholarship and target it toward a specific school and program, and will be given recognition on Equals6.com. Equals6 will contribute $50 to successfully funded scholarships, manage the application and selection process, and ensure that the funds are sent directly to the winner’s school.

According to Andy Osburn, CEO of Equals6, the company sees a strong need for crowdfunded scholarships.

“We are excited to launch this new service which fits perfectly with our mandate to help students get the resources they need to succeed. With US student debt topping $1 trillion, it’s time to look for innovative funding solutions. We are thankful for the strong support for our Top Talent scholarships from private donors and corporate partners and look forward to awarding more scholarships to deserving students. In the coming weeks we will be adding new crowdfunding features so that even more students can get much-needed financial support,” said Osburn.  

For Top Talent Scholarship winner Carrie Lai, Equals6 is about more than just scholarships. “Participating in the Equals6 community is rewarding whether one wins a scholarship or not. I enjoy connecting with members, sharing ideas and attending interesting online events. And of course I feel fantastic about this scholarship that will help me with my tuition fees,” said Lai, a commerce student at the University of British Columbia.

Since 2010, Equals6 has awarded more than 140 scholarships worth in excess of $40,000 and managed scholarships on behalf of many organizations. The company also provides opportunities for student members to connect with each other and with top employers.

About Equals6
Equals6 (WWW.EQUALS6.COM) is the professional social network where students make valuable connections, compete for exclusive scholarships and discover exciting career possibilities. The Equals6 community also serves as a social meeting place where students share ideas and hold lively discussions across a wide range of interesting subjects. Equals6 partners with select employers and schools to provide its student members with career and academic opportunities.

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Jeremy Bernard

Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 5, 2013