Stefan Jericho, president of Resolution Optics, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandra Wood as CEO.

"Sandra’s big picture thinking, business acumen, and experience in the pharmaceutical industry are exactly what we need at this critical growth stage. We are confident Sandra will take us to the next level and are excited to welcome her to the organization,” said Dr. H. Juergen Kreuzer, a world-renowned scientist in the field of microscopy and founder of the company.
His thoughts were echoed by Dr. Manfred Jericho, co-founder and professor emeritus at Dalhousie University, as well as a world-class researcher in his own right. “Sandra’s extensive sales and marketing background and considerable leadership skills are essential to our success going forward.”

“I am honoured to be part of the Resolution Optics team. The DIHM platform they have designed allows researchers to see things they may have never seen before or that were too expensive or time consuming to analyze. It is cutting edge technology which enables 3-D analysis and 4-D tracking of live organisms with a larger depth of field than any other digital holographic microscope. This technology company is poised to become a global leader and industry benchmark for the field of microscopy. It is exciting times,” said Wood.

Resolution Optics has successfully developed the world’s most versatile, most time efficient, and most powerful 3-D and 4-D digital holographic microscopes on the market today. With little installation, no sample preparation, live in-situ micro-organism/particle tracking and analysis, these instruments are designed to save time and money for research and industry while producing incredible results.

Resolution Optics is attracting interest from companies in Europe and the United States. Jericho credits facilities and supports at Innovacorp Enterprise Centre in Halifax for assisting with the company's early stage development.

For more information, contact:

Stefan Jericho

Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 27, 2011