Lost? Looking for info about the I-3 competition? Below are a few helpful links.

ROUND TWO CONTENDERS– A list of the Nova Scotia start-ups invited to move on to round two of the competition.

MAKE YOUR SUBMISSION HERE!  – Fill in a few online fields and upload your business summary. (The 2013-2014 I-3 competition closed to submissions at 5:00 pm AST on October 18, 2013, but you can practice clicking this link for the next time we run the competition.)

SUBMISSION OUTLINE/FORM FOR YOUR BUSINESS SUMMARY – This Microsoft Word doc guides you through the content we’d like to see in your business summary. The doc asks you questions about your venture and provides boxes for your answers. You don’t have to use this doc to create your business summary, but we think you’ll find it’s a good approach.)

INFO KIT ABOUT THE COMPETITION – The complete lowdown about the competition, what we’re looking for, key dates, how to enter, who our partners are, and more.

I-3 LANDING PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE – Summary info about the competition, in case you don’t want to read the detailed info kit mentioned above.

NEWS RELEASE KICKING OFF THIS YEAR’S COMPETITION – This is what we told the world when we launched this year’s competition on September 4, 2013.

DATES, TIMES AND LOCATIONS OF OUR FIVE LAUNCH EVENTS ACROSS THE PROVINCE – Thanks to everybody who joined us! So much enthusiasm!

I-3 PARTNERS – Learn about the companies that help make I-3 possible, providing in-kind business-building services to the winners.


INNOVACORP ON FACEBOOK – Check us out and tell us you like us!