Below you’ll find descriptions of the zone winnerssector winners and provincial winner in Innovacorp’s 2013-2014 I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition. (Read the RELEASE ANNOUNCING THE PROVINCIAL WINNER – Heimdall Networks. And watch the fantastic animations – thank you Devon Parsons of Eizzof Entertainment! – about the five I-3 provincial finalists, including the winner, at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/INNOVACORP.)

In total, $900,000 in cash, seed investment, and in-kind services was awarded to winners. First-place zone winners each received $100,000 in cash and in-kind services and the second-place winners got a $40,000 package. Also, this year there were four $25,000 cash awards for the best submissions in information and communications technology, life sciences, clean technology, and oceans technology. The provincial winner receives a $100,000 seed investment from Innovacorp.

Congratulations to the companies below and all our I-3 competition entrants. Best wishes for what's next.

Zone 1 (Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, Antigonish and Guysborough counties)

Zone 1 1st Place
Jim Fitt, Peter Bennett – New Glasgow

Extrify is developing mobile-friendly technology that enables work groups to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. Targeting medium to large organizations, the cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application has an intelligent, user-friendly interface and “bank-level” security at a cost much less than similar offerings by competitors. (EXTRIFY.COM)

Zone 1 2nd Place
Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company Inc.
Rebecca Taylor – Debert

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company Inc. is developing a personal insect repellent that is effective, appealing in consistency and aroma, and safe for all ages. Available in lotion and stick formats, the repellent will be the only all-natural citronella-free product, a unique position as citronella products are phased-out by Health Canada. (PEARLANDDAISY.COM

Zone 2 (Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties)

Zone 2 1st Place
CelluFuel Inc.
Chris Hooper, Tor Suther, Ed McKay, Veselin Milosevic – Brooklyn

CelluFuel Inc. is focused on turning woody biomass into renewable diesel fuel to augment petroleum products in vehicles and heating systems. The company is driven by the increasing demand for renewable fuel sources, growth in diesel consumption, and an abundant local supply of woody biomass. (CELLUFUEL.COM)

Zone 2 2nd Place
QNova Precision Battery Evaluation Inc.
Chris Burns, David Stevens, Tim Hatchard – Hebbville

QNova Precision Battery Evaluation Inc. is developing high precision battery test systems, able to quickly determine how small changes in rechargeable lithium-ion battery chemistry will impact long-term battery performance. QNova’s market includes manufacturers, researchers and end-users of the six billion battery cells made every year for electric vehicles and portable electronics like smartphones and laptops. (QNOVA.CA)

Zone 3 (Digby, Annapolis, Kings and Hants counties)

Zone 3 1st Place
Fenol Farm Inc.
Sherri McFarland – Mount Uniacke

Fenol Farm Inc. is developing a way to kill oral bacteria that leads to enamel damage, cavities, gum disease and other health problems. The innovation combines plant extracts and light technology to prevent build up of dental plaque. The treatment can be done at home and only takes a couple of minutes.

Zone 3 2nd Place
Delicious Brains Inc.
Brad Touesnard – Milford Station

Delicious Brains Inc. is developing plugins that extend the functionality of the WordPress content management system. The company is focused on building a solution that lets website developers migrate a WordPress database from one site to another with a single click – avoiding many of the time-consuming steps, issues and frustrations of the conventional manual process. (DELICIOUSBRAINS.COM

Zone 4 (Halifax Regional Municipality)

Zone 4 - 1st Place & Life Sciences Sector Winner
Spring Loaded Technology
Chris Cowper-Smith, Shea Kewin, Bob Garrish – Halifax

Spring Loaded is developing knee-bracing technology that can reduce fatigue while enhancing the strength and power of leg muscles by increasing the output of quadriceps contraction. The brace’s mechanical hinge makes movement easier by storing energy when the user places weight on his or her leg during knee-flexion, and releasing that energy upon extension. Applications include mobility assistance, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and performance enhancement for athletes. (SPRINGLOADEDTECHNOLOGY.COM)

Zone 4 2nd Place & Clean Technology Sector Winner
Atlantic Motor Labs Inc.
Braden Murphy – Halifax

Atlantic Motor Labs Inc. is developing a compact, flow-driven motor – the TurboPiston – for the oil and gas industry. The company’s motors replace existing solutions for powering equipment in drilling and production applications, offering significant cost savings, reducing waste, increasing safety, lowering greenhouse and explosive gas emissions, and reducing solid waste. (MOTORLABS.CA)

Zone 5 (Victoria, Cape Breton, Inverness and Richmond counties)

Zone 5 1st Place & Information and Communications Technology Sector Winner & Provincial Winner
Heimdall Networks
Jim DeLeskie – Sydney

Heimdall Networks is developing technology that protects companies and governments against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to their networks and websites. DDoS attacks flood an organization’s network or website with unwanted traffic, making online functions unavailable to its intended users. Heimdall Networks’ solution identifies legitimate and illicit traffic, filtering out the bad traffic while letting the good traffic through. (HEIMDALLNETWORKS.COM)

Zone 5 2nd Place
Breton SmarTek
Ian McVicar, Ken Grisham, Stephanie Timmer – Sydney

Breton SmarTek is developing a smartphone application for firefighter response verification and fire department management. FIREQ-RVS provides immediate information about which personnel are responding to an emergency and when they will arrive. It also manages and reports information about the incident. Initially targeting volunteer and on-call firefighters, the company plans to expand into other markets such as ambulance services and search and rescue operations. (BRETONSMARTEK.COM)

Oceans Technology Sector Winner
Natural Ocean Products Inc.
Tim Cranston, Jim Kennedy – North Sydney

Natural Ocean Products Inc. is harvesting and manufacturing marine plants through its proprietary process known as "cell burst biotechnology." The company will use its technology to transform marine plants and other raw materials into value-added products for food, cosmetic, and plant-stimulant applications.

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