Congratulations to all the start-ups selected to participate in the 2018 Innovacorp Accelerate Program and Start-Up Yard at COVE cohorts.

INNOVACORP ACCELERATE PROGRAM                          

Award Highlights: $50,000 and business guidance to address key technical and business milestones, along with access to incubation space at Innovacorp’s facilities


Eadie Technologies – Brennan Eadie, Frank Eadie – Halifax
Wearable visual field testing device for eye clinics

ColourSmith Labs – Gabrielle Masone – Halifax –
Direct-to-consumer contact lenses reducing red-green colour blindness and saturating colours

Reach Orthopaedics – David Johnston, Andrew Trenholm – Halifax
Orthopaedic shoulder implant to correct joint imbalance of a rotator cuff tear and lessen the risk of progressive osteoarthritis

Talem Health Analytics – Paul Travis – Sydney –
Software for physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists to track, analyze and predict treatment regimens


DeNova – Brianna Stratton, Talia Boates – Halifax
Sustainable source of protein for fish feed and animal food

FoodByte – Douglas Armour, Matthew Winchester – Windsor
Technology to guide food processors through development of food safety plans to meet regulatory requirements and reduce recalls

Sedna Technologies – Sheamus MacDonald, Aleksandr Stabenow – Halifax –
Traceability system for the seafood industry to reduce waste and mortality

Acoubit Communications – Colin Ross, Tejinder Sandhu – Dartmouth –
Acoustic data communications technology for ocean management and monitoring


Award Highlights: $25,000, access to mentoring, workspace, workshops and experts


Ashored Innovations – Aaron Stevenson, Maxwell Poole, Ross Arsenault –
Buoy systems to protect endangered marine life and collect data to increase fisher efficiency

Acoubit Communications  – Colin Ross, Tejinder Sandhu – Dartmouth –
Acoustic data communications technology for ocean management and monitoring

BlueNode – Louis Beaubien, Grant Wells, Mike Smit – Halifax
Technology to improve supply chain efficiency in the ocean sector

Marecomms – Ulaş Güntürkün – Halifax
Underwater communications system to deliver information using data collected in the ocean

Maritime bioLoggers – Franziska Broell, Andre Bezanson – Halifax –
Tagging device to track and monitor marine life movement

Sedna Technologies – Sheamus MacDonald, Aleksandr Stabenow – Halifax –
Traceability system for the seafood industry to reduce waste and mortality


Marimetrics Technologies – Chris L’Esperance – Halifax
Trace gas analyzer for measuring chemical compounds in the ocean

Ocean Data Science – Amilcar Soares, Mohammed Etemad – Halifax –
Risk models for ocean-related operations to make the ocean safer

Prosaris Solutions – Colin Sewell – Halifax
Device that records airborne and contact ultrasonic signals for real-time analysis

ReelData – Hossein Salimian, Mathew Zimola, Thomas Trappenberg – Halifax –
Artificial intelligence software for aquaculture feed cameras, allowing fish farms to measure biomass, sea lice, and health in real-time

RIMOT – Andew Boswell, James Craig – Halifax –
Technology to manage and monitor remote business-critical infrastructure

The Lobster Trap Company – Scott Dauphinee – Yarmouth –
Lobster trap designed to survive the Atlantic Ocean’s harsh conditions

Wittaya Aqua International – Evan Hall – Halifax-Toronto –
Production management platform that increases efficiency through aggregation and analysis of data from aquaculture operations