The staff and clients of Innovacorp welcome our newest client, GOALLINE.

In North America alone, there are thousands of amateur sports associations representing a wide variety of activities, including minor, varsity and senior hockey, basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, ringette, gymnastics, boxing, dancing, etc. These associations serve hundreds and in some cases thousands of players, families, coaches, officials and volunteers. Providing these stakeholders with information on registration, team selection and balancing, team and player statistics, scheduling, and tournaments is a huge logistical challenge. Many associations struggle with collecting and sharing information across a large and dispersed network of people, and association volunteers spend a large percentage of their time on management and logistics, little of which improves the level of the sports.

Targeted at a wide cross section of amateur sports organizations in North America, GOALLINE™ is a comprehensive, all-in-one sports administration system that helps sports groups deliver information quickly and easily via the internet. It is used by over 600 sports associations and 13,000 teams across North America, and is Google’s number one rated online sports administration system. Associations using GOALLINE™ attract an average of 30,000 new, unique individuals to their websites each month. Further, associations that take advantage of the GOALLINE™ software as a service business model are able to rapidly streamline management and logistics and focus their energies on improving their sport.

For more information, visit WWW.GOALLINE.CA.