Over the last few years, we’ve built quite an email contact list here at Innovacorp. (We don’t send out many messages and surely to goodness you’d never call them spam!)

Our contact list includes folks who asked to be added; signed up for alerts via our website; participated in past events, programs and competitions; and, if we’re honest, a few ex-boyfriends we’re desperate to stay in touch with. ;)

We’re reaching out to folks like you to find out if you want to stay on – or be added to – our list. It’s part of our compliance with the July 1, 2014, implementation of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

CLICK HERE to stay on (or be added to) our list and receive news and/or invitations to events and initiatives for and about Nova Scotia’s start-ups and the people who love them. (You get to decide whether you want to receive our news alerts, invitations to events and/or updates on programs and competitions.) And you can unsubscribe at any time.

We know your inbox is full of “please opt in” requests this month. We hope we make the cut.

*Just kidding. We know your consent to stay e-connected with Innovacorp is about your love for the region's start-up community, not about your love for us. And that suits us just fine!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 25, 2014