RedMed Group and Island Water Technologies Inc (IWT) identified a need for improved mobile wastewater treatment solutions for remote work camps. Existing solutions are energy intensive, difficult to operate and typically required regular addition of chemicals for operation.

Initial discussions between the two parties, identified a number of key factors that were taken into consideration in designing a custom wastewater treatment solution. These included, a requirement for no chemical addition, low-complexity operation, mobile/easily installed in remote locations and have a low-energy footprint.

Most remote camps have to incur excessive costs for wastewater haulage from remote locations or have regular issues with poorly performing installed packaged plants.

“This is a cutting edge wastewater solution that will enable on-site processing of wastewater at remote work camps,” said Patrick Kiely, CEO of Island Water Technologies. “By saving up to 90 per cent of the energy and not requiring chemicals we will demonstrate significant potential for reduced environmental impact and saving costs at these remote locations.”

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