Dr. Randal Chase Named President and CEO of ImmunoVaccine Technologies Inc.

Dr. Chase has a wealth of experience in vaccines and has spent his entire career (30 years) in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Past positions include president of Shire Biologics, senior vice president vaccines operations of Biochem Pharma, president & CEO of North American Vaccine, president & CEO of Pasteur Merieux Connaught, president & CEO of Quadra Logic Technologies Inc., senior vice president of Glaxo Canada Inc., and director of Bristol Meyers. Dr. Chase is active as a Board member with several companies and has many contacts in the biotechnology sector which will serve IVT well in the future through potential collaborations and networking opportunities. His initial appointment with IVT as President & CEO is on a part-time interim basis as the Company is at an early-stage of development for human vaccines.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 15, 2007