Ontario concrete masonry producer Brampton Brick has made the bold decision to manufacture 100 per cent of its concrete masonry units with CarbonCure’s carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling technology.

The CarbonCure technology allows Brampton Brick to permanently capture waste CO2 sourced from local polluters into its concrete masonry products, which means that Brampton Brick’s products now have a lower carbon footprint.

“We care about reducing environmental impacts, and strive to be a leader in sustainability and innovation,” said Dave Carter, CEO of Brampton Brick. “I’m proud to announce that Brampton Brick is the first in the industry to manufacture all concrete masonry units with CarbonCure’s CO2 recycling technology.”

Brampton Brick acquired the assets of Ontario block manufacturer Atlas Block in January 2014. Part of the acquisition’s appeal included a partnership with CarbonCure. Brampton Brick has completed the installation of the CarbonCure technology in its Hillsdale, Peel, and Brockville manufacturing facilities.

Brampton’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond selling another “green” product line. Throughout the summer of 2015, the CarbonCure process was adopted across the company’s entire concrete masonry production. “We’ve been converting all of our production to CarbonCure over the past few months, and now we are happy to say that when you order Brampton concrete masonry, you are automatically going to receive products made with the CarbonCure technology,” said Brad Cobbledick, VP of technical services.
Brampton has also jumped on the transparency movement by issuing Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for products made with CarbonCure’s technology. HPDs and EPDs, which contribute to LEED points, provide information on health and environmental impacts in easy-to-interpret formats.
According to Dave Carter, Brampton is already seeing CarbonCure products gain traction in the market from architects and developers who want to source green products. “We continue to see project specifications coming in for CarbonCure products, which gives us an advantage over our competitors,” said Carter.
Greg Nevison, VP Construction at leading Toronto real estate developer Tridel, affirms Carter’s statement. “Tridel was excited to be the first in Toronto to feature CarbonCure products in its Hullmark Centre redevelopment project,” said Nevison. “We congratulate Brampton Brick on demonstrating true leadership by reducing the carbon footprint of all its concrete masonry products through CarbonCure. This move will help us and our industry live up to our sustainability commitments by making it easier for us to specify low carbon concrete products with CarbonCure on future projects.”

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 15, 2015