One of the Pacific Northwest’s longest serving masonry producers is set to install CarbonCure’s CO2 sequestration technology in their flagship plants.

With operations in Oregon and Washington, Mutual Materials is a regional leader in masonry best practices. The addition of CarbonCure to its plants in Kent, WA, and Clackamas, OR, will set a new standard for the company’s environmental stewardship.

“We’ve always paid close attention to the environmental impact of our operations,” said Joe Bowen, chairman of Mutual Materials. “When an opportunity to reduce our footprint comes along, we take it because it’s smart business and it aligns with our values.”

Mutual has implemented multiple strategies to make its operations more sustainable, including installing storm water management systems and smart meters to monitor energy use. In 2014, the company partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport program. The program is designed to reduce carbon emissions associated with industrial transportation. Mutual tracks the fuel used for the transport of its products and has been working to increase the average MPG of its vehicles.

Mutual is setting a new standard in masonry production with its recycled aggregate practices, using its on-site crusher system. Mutual on average uses 10-13% recycled aggregate in its masonry. The company also offsets cement use by using recycled slag in its mix designs. Now, with the addition of CarbonCure, Mutual will take CO2 from regional smokestacks and permanently sequester it in its masonry.

“I think we’ll always demand more from our masonry,” said Bowen, “and CarbonCure is helping us to do just that.”

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April 27, 2015, Halifax, Nova Scotia