Densitas Research Edition assesses mammographic breast density using “for presentation” digital mammography images.

In a presentation focused on the technology itself, study results using 1,823 images showed excellent agreement between Densitas Research Edition density measures and radiologists’ visual assessment. This concept is also known as “face validity.” The research also confirmed the internal reliability of Densitas Research Edition, or its ability to consistently generate the same, valid results repeatedly.

“Densitas Research Edition provides consistent, reliable and reproducible results,” said Mohamed Abdolell, CEO of Densitas and a biostatistician. “This gives us the ability to addresses a key challenge for radiologists who visually assess mammographic density: inter and intra-operator variability.”

Currently, the standard way to assess mammographic density is a radiologist’s visual assessment. Such subjective evaluation is prone to poor reproducibility between two radiologists reading the same image. As well, even the same radiologist could assess an image at different times and report a different result. Densitas Research Edition standardizes the assessment of mammographic density.

Additional Presentations

The application was also used in a case-control study that looked at Tabár parenchymal patterns and breast cancer risk, using Densitas Research Edition’s percent area mammographic density.

In a poster session, mammographic density measures from Densitas Research Edition were compared to typical clinical risk factors in evaluating breast cancer risk during screening mammography.

“We’re pleased to support the breast cancer research community with this online application, at no charge,” said Abdolell. “It’s easy for researchers to use and generate fast, reliable, and consistent measures of mammographic density to support their work in the field.”

Densitas is also working on a comprehensive suite of technologies to address real clinical problems in the digital mammography enterprise.

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Densitas Inc. is a medical device company, developing digital mammography products designed to meet the clinical, administrative and IT needs of radiology clinics and health care providers, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Its data-driven solutions distill valuable information from the vast quantities of data generated in digital mammography. The company’s product pipeline will provide solutions to real clinical problems in diagnostic imaging. For more information, visit or connect on Twitter @Densitas or LinkedIn.

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Presentation: Towards personalized breast screening protocols: Validation of mammographic density estimation from full-field digital mammograms

Presentation: Tabár parenchymal patterns and breast cancer risk: a case-control study adjusting for percent area mammographic density and standard risk factors

Poster Presentation: Utility of breast density measures alone versus clinical risk factors in evaluating breast cancer risk in screening mammography

Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 4, 2015