In 2011, Moe Kabbara traveled from Lebanon to Nova Scotia on a student visa to study mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University.

Moe and Louis Degrosseilliers, his co-founder at NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc., were carrying out research for their PhDs in mechanical engineering at Dal when NeoTES was born. Moe became involved with Innovacorp in 2014, when the team first received funding and business guidance after applying to the Early Stage Commercialization Fund program. 

Since then, the duo have participated in a number of Innovacorp’s acceleration programs. NeoTES is developing an electric heat storage technology designed to reduce indoor heating costs through time-of-day electric rates.

Today, Moe is the CEO at NeoTES.

They say good things come to those who wait. We think it’s even better when you don’t have to wait too long. 

Through Innovacorp’s Start-Up Visa Program, Moe had to wait just over a year for his permanent residency application to be approved. The program allowed Moe to pursue Canadian citizenship as a student. Because Moe was on the path to becoming a permanent resident, it was possible for him to put his PhD on hold and focus on NeoTES. 

“The Start-Up Visa program encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada and attracts innovators from around the world to make Canada their home and build ventures here,” says Moe.

Moe was visiting family in Niagara at the end of June and decided to leave the country for a quick trip across the bridge to the United States. When he returned to Canada (20 minutes later), it was as a permanent resident.

Congratulations, Moe! We’re so excited to watch you build your future and business in Nova Scotia.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 12, 2017