Aqualitas Inc. announced it is completing the build-out of 70,000 square feet of production space at its facility located in the Port Mersey Commercial Park in the Region of Queens Municipality.

A Nova Scotia start-up, Aqualitas was founded by its CEO Myrna Gillis QC, a disabilities employment lawyer, in late 2014 to make an application for a license to produce medical cannabis. The company has since grown to include an extensive team with expertise in health care, research, quality assurance, environmental controls, law, business, cultivation and security.

“Commencing the build-out to ready the facility for Health Canada’s inspection is a huge milestone for our company as we advance through the final stages of the licensing process,” says Gillis.

The site is managed by Nova Scotia Lands, a crown corporation, and its president Gary Campbell indicated, “We are pleased to have Aqualitas as a tenant at our Port Mersey location. As a player in one of the fastest growing industries in North America, and one that is embracing various green technologies, Aqualitas will bring great value to the park and to our region.”

Setting Aqualitas apart in the Canadian medical cannabis industry is its innovative propriety aquaponics growing platform developed by its research and development subsidiary Finleaf Technologies through its work at Acadia and Dalhousie Universities.

Aquaponics is a water-based growing process where fish provide primary nutrients to plants in a closed loop symbiotic cultivation system. This all natural process with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers requires a smaller environmental foot print and produces higher and better tasting yields than many conventional growing methods.

Finleaf has received support for its research and development from the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program, Bioenterprise, and crown corporation Innovacorp, which finds, funds and fosters innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world.

“The Innovacorp Demonstration Centre at Port Mersey is an ideal destination for innovative early stage bioresource companies like Aqualitas,” said Paul Richards, regional manager at Innovacorp. “We’ve been supporting the progress of this company and its aquaponic R&D subsidiary, Finleaf Technologies, since they started this project. Finleaf earned some Innovacorp innovation funding for its aquaponic research last year and we’re delighted to now see Aqualitas commercialize its innovation and scale-up operations on our site.”

Aqualitas will continue to work with representatives of the Region of Queens Municipality to fulfill its goal of bringing full- and part-time jobs to an already skilled and job-ready workforce. The company is also committed to using local suppliers and contractors wherever possible.

“Our Queens’ workforce has a long history of adapting to changing industry trends. We’re excited that our region’s talent pool has the opportunity to be at the forefront of the emerging medical cannabis industry right here at home,” says David Dagley, mayor of Region of Queens.

About Aqualitas
Aqualitas is a late-stage applicant to Health Canada for a license to produce medical cannabis. Committed to providing an enhanced quality of life for our clients, Aqualitas will use its proprietary aquaponics growing platform to produce safe, consistent, quality cannabis.

For more information, please contact:

Myrna Gillis
Aqualitas Inc.
902.222.5188 (mobile)

Liverpool, Nova Scotia, June 13, 2017