Oris4 and Attivio today announced a technology alliance through which Oris4’s powerful cross-cloud search and data aggregation capabilities will feed into Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®).

Attivio AIE unifies, joins and presents all related information from disparate systems and sources – structured data, semi-structured data or unstructured content – to reveal new, real-time insights that might otherwise go undiscovered.
The technology alliance adds Oris4 as a data source for AIE, another step in delivering and analyzing popular cloud-based sources of business information and intelligence, such as Salesforce, Box, Google Drive and Gmail, to customers across the globe.
“Attivio offers second-to-none big data capabilities. This alliance not only means Oris4 will be a source of data for AIE, but Attivio will also build custom integrations that in turn feed Oris4 more information for our proprietary cross-cloud search tool,” said Reza Kazemipour, CEO of Oris4. “Attivio integrates and correlates structured data and unstructured content better than any other company we evaluated. Its strength, combined with our cloud capabilities, will provide multiple benefits for customers of both companies.”
Attivio understands the power of enterprise information and has the right tools to unlock that power. Those tools now include Oris4. By leveraging joint customers’ use of AIE, Oris4 will be able to access ECM systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Open Text and EMC’s Documentum, offering users seamless access to all relevant enterprise information.
“Data on its own provides an incomplete picture of what's going on in a business because it excludes the insights that are locked away in the 85 percent or more of enterprise information that's actually created by humans – emails, collaboration tools, documents, CRM tools and PDFs," said Matt Connon, GM of Channels and Alliances at Attivio. “The Oris4 and Attivio alliance provides a fully integrated view of that ‘human-generated’ information no matter where it is stored to help complete the picture. Eventually we will feed the enterprise content and data we access into the Oris4 platform for their customers as well.”
Oris4’s contextual indexing delivers the document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you regardless of how and where it was saved. Forbes.com described Oris4 in this way: “Anyone who’s ever used cloud storage can instantly see the value of this sort of offering.”
About Oris4
At Oris4, we've developed a genuinely innovative and simple information platform that revolutionizes document findability for the enterprise market. Oris4 is an easy to use and scalable cloud content management system that delivers real ROI for business as soon as you install it. The system gathers and indexes information from sources such as Salesforce, Box, Google Drive and email, organizing it in a manner that lets you find anything in a few clicks. We deliver the document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you regardless of how and where it was saved. For more information visit WWW.ORIS4.COM.
About Attivio
Attivio’s unified information access platform, the Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®), redefines the business impact of our customers’ information assets, so they can quickly seize opportunities, solve critical challenges and fulfill their strategic vision. Attivio integrates and correlates disparate silos of structured data and unstructured content in ways never before possible. Offering both intuitive search capabilities and the power of SQL, AIE seamlessly integrates with existing BI and big data tools to reveal insight that matters, through the access method that best suits each user’s technical skills and priorities. Please visit us at WWW.ATTIVIO.COM. Attivio and Active Intelligence Engine are trademarks of Attivio, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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