QRA Corp, an emerging leader in design verification technology, announced a new partnership for the integration of quality analysis capabilities with Marinvent’s Synthesis, a compliance and certification tool suite widely used in the aerospace and defence industry. This partnership expands the analysis capabilities already utilized by QVscribe users for identifying and repairing costly weaknesses within requirements documents – streamlining the cost and time associated with the certification process.

“It’s been immensely rewarding to see how current QVscribe users are using the tool to improve what is really the foundation of their projects – specifications and other technical documentation,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA Corp CEO and president. “What started as an NLP experiment is now not just an innovative product, but an adaptable engine for technical documentation analysis, which is exactly what this partnership represents – integrating compliance management and quality analysis together in one harmonious tool suite.”

“One of the primary factors governing the amount of program re-work and the ease of achieving test coverage for our customers is a good set of strong requirements to start each project,” said Phil Cole, VP of business development at Marinvent Corporation. “Having extensively tested QVscribe we are confident that it provides the perfect front-end interface for our Synthesis tools because it ensures that the requirements we enter into Synthesis are strong from the outset. It is easy to use and the net result of this integration of Synthesis and QVscribe for our customers is more streamlined projects with less rework, saving both time and money.”

“First launched in the spring of 2016, QVscribe kicked off a new way to look at requirements analysis – using NLP to automate the error-prone review tasks that lead to costly vulnerabilities going unnoticed in requirements documents,” said Alex McCallum, QRA Corp COO. “The technology really struck a chord with systems engineers and project managers, igniting a conversation about rethinking requirements in the aerospace and defence industries. We’re thrilled to continuously evolve these capabilities, and apply them to tool suites such as Synthesis for a much better compliance certification experience.”

About QRA Corp
QRA’s mission is to accelerate the design process and reduce costs across industries building the most complex, mission and safety critical systems. QRA achieves this mission by building design verification solutions that analyze complex systems and requirements at the most crucial stages of development – enabling engineers to author better requirements, detect design errors, and build confidently. QVtrace and QVscribe are QRA’s flagship solutions that provide customers with highly sophisticated analysis, and insight backed by decades of research.

About Marinvent Corporation
About Marinvent – Marinvent is a privately held Canadian company, founded in 1983. Marinvent is headquartered on the outskirts of Montreal, the leading aerospace center in Canada and one of the largest aerospace centers in the world. Marinvent provides consulting, services, training, tools and IP to reduce customers’ program/product risk, cost and schedule and to help them innovate quickly. Its engineers, experience, TCCA DARs, flying avionics test bed, research simulator and IP make it a reliable and trusted partner for the planning and management of projects, regardless of size and complexity. Marinvent’s customers include aircraft OEMs, integrators, tier 1s, tier 2s and government customers around the world. Marinvent prides itself of helping its customers bring their products to market and has a stellar track record of doing exactly that. As a result, Marinvent has won numerous awards in recognition of that fact. For more information, visit marinvent.com

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Trevor Bradley
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 8, 2017