Fifty-nine Nova Scotia companies are getting a boost to their innovation and productivity with expertise and services from the province's universities and colleges.

We received 164 applications from small and medium-sized businesses across the province for this year’s Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program.

The competing companies ran the gamut – from seafood processing to niche foods to medical technologies.

The Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program has two tiers. Tier 1 offers vouchers, or credit notes, of up to $15,000 for eligible applicants that have not previously been awarded a voucher, or are applying with a new project. Tier 2 offers vouchers of up to $25,000 to build on work done through a previously awarded Tier 1 voucher.

This year, 47 companies are receiving Tier 1 vouchers and 12 are receiving Tier 2 vouchers. The total value of the support is just over $1 million.

Eligible services include applied research, engineering services, prototyping, product design, market advice and field testing.

Below is a list of the 2015-2016 voucher recipients:

2 3277014 NS Ltd. Université Sainte-Anne
1 Adroit Vista Predictions Inc. Acadia
1 Advanced Glazings Ltd. CBU
1 Advocate Metal Works 2015 Inc. Saint Mary's
2 Aerhyve Aerial Technologies Acadia
1 Alentic Microscience Inc. Dalhousie
1 Aramax IP Services Ltd. CBU
1 Atlantic Hardchrome Ltd. Dalhousie
1 Canada Cold Press Juices Dalhousie
2 Chedabucto Bay Sustainable Fisheries Inc. Université Sainte-Anne
1 Chelation Partners CBU
1 Colibri Software Inc. NSCC
1 Copernicus Studios Inc. Dalhousie
1 DeNovaMed Inc. Dalhousie
1 DMF Medical Inc. NSCAD
2 DNS - Dulse Nova Scotia St. FX
1 Eel Lake Oyster Farm Ltd. Université Sainte-Anne
1 Getaway Butchers Inc. MSVU
1 Granville Gates & Sons Ltd. (Cedar Bay Grilling Company) Acadia
1 Heritage Memorials Ltd. Acadia
1 Hutchinson Acres Inc. Acadia
1 Immunovaccine Inc. Dalhousie
1 Kinduct Technologies Inc. Acadia
2 LED SGS Solutions Inc. Dalhousie
1 Liverpool Wind Energy Storage Project Dahousie
1 Lochmore Oyster Farm CBU
1 Lorax Systems Inc. Dalhousie
1 Luckett Vineyards Ltd. Dalhousie
1 Machina Metrica Corp. Saint Mary's
1 Mara Renewables Corp. Dalhousie
1 Nile Fiber Atlantic Canada Inc. Saint Mary's
2 North River Fish Farms Ltd. Dalhousie
2 Northsyde Processing Ltd. CBU
1 NovaEel Dalhousie
1 Ocean Sonics Ltd. Acadia
1 Pacta Inc. Dalhousie
1 PhotoDynamic Inc. Dalhousie
1 Precision BioLogic Inc. Dalhousie
1 QRA Corp Dalhousie
1 Randsland Farms Inc. Acadia
1 SabrTech Inc. NSCC
1 Scotian Halibut Ltd. Université Sainte-Anne
2 Sea Crest Fisheries Ltd. Université Sainte-Anne
1 SHM Canada Consulting Ltd. St. FX
1 SimplyCast Interactive Marketing Ltd. Saint Mary's
1 Single String Capo Systems Co. Dalhousie
2 SolutionInc Ltd. Dalhousie
1 SONA Nanotech Ltd. Dalhousie
2 Springvale Nurseries 1995 Ltd. Acadia
1 Stackabuoy Marine Products Inc. Dalhousie
1 Surrette Battery Company Ltd. Dalhousie
2 Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd. Acadia
1 Truleaf Sustainable Agriculture Ltd. Dalhousie
1 Turbulent Research Inc. Dalhousie
1 Van Dyk Health Juice Products Ltd. Dalhousie
1 VidSnippets Inc. Saint Mary's
1 Wallace Ridge Farm Acadia
1 Yava Nova Scotia Inc. CBU
2 Zinc Sacrificial Anode Inc. Acadia






































































August 4, 2015, Halifax, Nova Scotia