Reno Sub-Systems, a developer of high-performance radio frequency (RF) matching networks, RF power generators and gas flow management systems for semiconductor manufacturing, today (August 16, 2016) announced it has secured its first platform design win for its Electronically Variable Capacitor (EVC™) matching network.

The order comes from a tier-one equipment manufacturer and will be installed as the default standard on its etch systems in a leading global semiconductor manufacturer’s high-volume production facility. Reno secured the design win following successful beta testing with the end customer.

Leading semiconductor manufacturers are driving semiconductor OEMs to improve film characteristics and process consistency between chambers and systems. These challenges are becoming greater as technology nodes shrink and move to multiple patterning, finFET logic gates, 3D NAND and through silicon via (TSV) devices.

“Our EVCTM matching network was specifically designed to address the most challenging plasma-related deposition and etch processes,” said Bob MacKnight, CEO of Reno Sub-Systems. “Microsecond RF tuning is essential for 14nm and below high volume manufacturing.

The new, disruptive EVCTM technology enables unprecedented RF matching speeds not possible with vacuum variable capacitors (VVCs), which is the current industry standard. Reno’s patented EVC technology facilitates the speed, accuracy and plasma stability unachievable by RF matches being used for etch and deposition processes today. This run-to-run repeatable and accurate Instantaneous Match™ technology enables the precise, high-aspect ratio, selectively anisotropic sharp-edge plasma processing required for next-generation devices, including 3D structures.

“We recently completed our Series B round of funding to ramp to high-volume manufacturing,” said MacKnight. “Having received our first major production order validates our technology and we are proud to be shipping in volume.”

About Reno Sub-Systems
Reno Sub-Systems Inc. has developed new and disruptive technologies for the semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries. Leveraging its patented technologies, Reno has demonstrated the highest-performance radio frequency (RF) matching networks, RF power generators and gas delivery systems for leading-edge nanoscale manufacturing processes. Reno has generated strong customer demand based on on-tool performance data, which has allowed the company to transition from technology and product development to high-volume adoption within two years.

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August 16, 2016