“For us, it’s the first money in, it’s a strong vote of confidence, and it’s a huge impact on speeding up our time to market." - Chad Munro, President & CEO, Halifax Biomedical Devices Inc., on what it means to win Innovacorp’s I-3 technology start-up competition in Cape Breton.

"We are fully prepared now. Our business plan is ready, we have a strong financial plan, and we have a great pitch to help us raise the additional funds we need." - Chad Munro, President & CEO, Halifax Biomedical Devices Inc., on how it feels to win Innovacorp’s I-3 competition.

The I-3 winner was announced Thursday, June 1, at the Cape Breton TecSocial event, a monthly get-together for those with an interest in technology.

(Photos by Ab Baggs)

Innovacorp president & CEO Dan MacDonald congratulates I-3 winner Chad Munro, president and CEO of Halifax Biomedical Devices Inc.

Chad Munro – winner of the Innovacorp I-3 technology start-up competition

Sean Coyle - President of JCI Cape Breton and an I-3 judge

Dan MacDonald provides an overview of the I-3 finalists before announcing the I-3 winner.

I-3 judges and competition organizer flank I-3 winner. (l-r) Sean Coyle, President, JCI Cape Breton; Stephen Hartlen, VP Mentoring, Innovacorp; Ross Kennedy, Cape Breton Regional Manager, OED; Bob Pelley, Senior Venture Advisor and I-3 Competition Organizer, Innovacorp; Chad Munro, President & CEO, Halifax Biomedical Devices Inc.; Dan MacDonald, President & CEO, Innovacorp; Dwight Rudderham, Partner Rudderham Chernin Law Office.