The winners of our 2017 Spark Innovation Challenge are described below.

Spark Cape Breton

Campaign EA – Todd Graham – Sydney ($50,000)
Municipal election campaign management software provided through mobile and desktop applications – Todd Chant, Kevin Chant – Sydney – ($50,000)
Golf tournament management platform

Full Plate (formerly GoGo Groceries) – Jay McNeil – Glace Bay ($31,250)
Personalized grocery shopping and delivery service

Hydrotroniks – Scott Aucoin, Stephane Sogne, Joel Lefort – Cheticamp ($31,250)
Carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel boat engines through electric energy storage and propulsion options

Talem Health Analytics – Paul Travis, Matthew Kay – Sydney ($50,000)
Software for physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists to track, analyze and predict treatment regimens

Spark Halifax

Axem – Tony Ingram, Christopher Friesen – Halifax – ($50,000)
Wearable technology with built-in sensors to track brain activity and improve athletes’ mental training

Home Except – John Robertson – Halifax – ($50,000)
Technology that provides non-intrusive monitoring of seniors for families and caregivers

Trip Ninja – Andres Collart, Brett Ziegler, Rob Dumont and Julieta Collart – Halifax – ($50,000)
Navigation tool for flexible, multi-destination travelers to find the most cost-effective route

UpFront – Conor Daly, Kyle Gardiner – Halifax – ($50,000)
Ticketing and event management platform that uses blockchain technology to eliminate scalping and fraud

Spark North

BidSquid Online Marketplace – David Hachey – Scotsburn – ($25,000)
Online marketplace for local food where farmers can reach new buyers

BioPolyOil – Mostafa Aghaei, Alma Zangeneh, Arian Shahnazari – Bible Hill ($50,000)
Agri-based technology for applications in the oil and gas industry

iCrowdX – Sean Sears – Antigonish ($50,000)
Natural, fruit-based drinks with health benefits

Oceland Biologicals – Balakrishnan Prithiviraj – Bible Hill ($50,000)
Plant biostimulants that improve the growth, yield and resilience of crops to increase farmers’ incomes

Spark West

Alias Earth – Jim Dorey – Morden ($50,000)
Database of virtual sets for the entertainment industry

Electric Puppets – Ryan Cameron – Chester ($50,000)
Virtual reality-based solution for the IWK Eye Care Clinic to improve diagnostic and therapeutic tools

Finleaf Technologies – Myrna Gillis – Brooklyn – ($31,250)
Aquaponics system that enables the delivery of supplemental nutrients to flowering plants

Nexus Robotics – Teric Greenan, Jad Tawil, Thomas Trappenberg – Barss Corner ($31,250)
Autonomous farming robot that navigates its environment and performs agricultural tasks

SURU – Michael Uhlarik – Hubbards – ($50,000)
Zero-emission, electric-powered bicycles that let users travel 50 km without fuel or pedalling