The winners of our 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge are described below.

Spark Cape Breton

Commlet – Patsy Leadbeater – Sydney – ($25,000)
Technology to monitor students exploring outdoor learning environments

MINDSENTINEL – Dave Johnson – North Sydney ($50,000)
Mobile app for alerting users of potential increased risk of mental illness

TrAIner – Shea Munro, Krysta MacIntosh – Sydney ($50,000)
Mobile app to help optimize user’s movements when exercising or recovering from injury

VMOpro – Matthew T. Gillis – River Ryan ($50,000)
Exercise and monitoring tool for knee rehabilitation, at home and in physiotherapy settings

Spark Halifax

ColourSmith Labs – Gabrielle Masone – Halifax – ($50,000)
Direct-to-consumer contact lenses reducing red-green colour blindness and saturating colours

Eadie Technologies – Brennan Eadie, Frank R. Eadie – Halifax ($50,000)
Wearable visual field testing device for eye clinics

GreyLit – Cora Cole – Halifax – ($25,000)
Online publishing company allowing front-line research and information to be searched, shared and reviewed

Panag Pharma –  Dr. Mary Lynch, Dr. Melanie Kelly, Dr. Christian Lehmann and Dr. Orlando Hung – Halifax – ($50,000)
Cannabinoid-based formulations for treating pain and inflammation

Spark North

Ashored Innovations – Aaron Stevenson, Ross Arsenault, Maxwell Poole – Debert – ($50,000)
Buoy systems to protect endangered marine life and collect data to increase fisher efficiency

Eggcitables – Hannah Chisholm – Heatherton ($15,000)
Plant-based egg alternative

Spark West

Deep Cryogenics International – Jack Cahn, Linda Williams – Blandford – ($45,000)
Technology to reduce wear and corrosion on industrial, oil and gas, aerospace and marine items using a cold thermal process

Sedna Technologies – Sheamus MacDonald, Aleksandr Stabenow – West Dublin ($50,000)
Solutions to reduce waste, mortality and product-integrity issues in the global seafood supply chain

Oakleaf Crane & Inspection Services – Gary LeBlanc, Vince Stuart – Church Point ($50,000)
Assisted lifting device for lobster trap handling aboard fishing vessels

Real Estate Dot Love – Catharine MacIntosh – Wolfville ($15,000)
Social platform connecting consumers in the real estate market with friends, agents and properties

Tactical Acuity – Shawn Adams – Digby ($15,000)
Technology to track, position and map soldiers on the battlefield