Spring Loaded Technology Inc., the Atlantic Canadian start-up company developing bionic knee braces, is seeking participants to test their beta stage prototypes.

Spring Loaded's knee braces are being designed to enhance the user's mobility by assisting leg muscle strength during knee extension. Spring Loaded is developing two separate product lines: A-Series knee braces to increase performance, reduce fatigue, and prevent injury, and M-Series knee braces for the enhanced rehabilitation and treatment of various mobility impairments. The company plans to unveil their first market-ready product by the end of 2014.

CEO Chris Cowper-Smith says Spring Loaded's knee braces are being designed to improve quality of life. "When mobility becomes impaired, quality of life diminishes. Spring Loaded is working to change that. We are now planning beta testing in a broad cross-section of individuals, including healthy athletes, manual laborers, military personnel, and individuals with a wide range of mobility impairments."

The consumer trial milestone represents an important step toward the company's market entry. "We are witnessing an accelerated demand for our products from a variety of customer segments around the world. We want to hear how these individuals imagine using our knee braces in their own lives – the stories and feedback we get will help further optimize our products" said Cowper-Smith.

The prototypes used in beta-stage testing will be fitted to each participant who will then be asked to provide feedback on performance and fit throughout the trial. The test will involve a broad selection of customers and is planned to launch later in the year. In the meantime, people who would like to be considered for beta testing can sign-up atWWW.SPRINGLOADEDTECHNOLOGY.COM.

The patent-pending knee braces are the result almost two years of scientific research and development, and will be the company's first product offerings. To support their research and development, the company has raised over $1.8 million in seed financing, including a recent investment from Innovacorp for $270,000. They also received technological advisory services and over $231,000 in funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). These latest funds will be used to help finalize product development.

For more information, please contact:

Chris Cowper-Smith
President & CEO
Spring Loaded Technology

Corinne MacLellan

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 2, 2014