July 2008’s TecSocial at Cape Breton’s Membertou Trade & Convention Centre focused on student inventions. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about "The Amazing Alter-Leg" and the "Generator Backpack," innovations developed by local high school students.

Todd Mercer and Mike MacIsaac are students at Riverview High School who have won two trips to the Canada Wide Science Fair with their project, "The Amazing Alter-Leg." The Alter-Leg is an invention that uses a cushioned spring and sling apparatus to allow people with broken legs to walk without crutches.

Adam Brown and Dylan Drover are Sydney Academy 2008 graduates who have multiple science fair placings and multiple award wins for their project, "Generator Backpack." The Generator Backpack is an invention that captures energy from the motion of walking and uses it to charge devices in the backpack.

TecSocial is an informal networking event for those with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship. More information is available at WWW.TECSOCIAL.CA or by writing BPELLEY@INNOVACORP.CA.

L - R: Dylan Drover and Adam Brown - inventors of "Generator Backpack"


L - R: Todd Mercer and Mike MacIsaac - inventors of "The Amazing Alter-Leg"

Sydney, Nova Scotia, July 3, 2008