TETHER, developers of an application that allows you to access the internet on your computer anywhere there is mobile coverage, through your smartphone, has won a 2010 CrackBerry App Award.

CRACKBERRY.COM is the most trafficked BlackBerry community site on the internet and its affiliate ShopCrackBerry.com is the most popular one-stop shop site for BlackBerry users.

“We’re thrilled to win a Cracky, as these awards are known,” said Stephen Hankinson, vice president of Tether. "We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of positive reviews and attention for our product and company over the last nine months, but it’s especially gratifying when the BlackBerry community formally recognizes what we do as being top notch."

Halifax-based Tether has developed a simple and inexpensive way for laptop users to connect to the internet through smartphones, including the BlackBerry. For people who do not have free wired or WiFi access, but need to connect their laptops to the internet in an airport or a taxi, for example, Tether enables users to quickly connect through their existing smartphone dataplans for a one-time fee.

The company earned the 2010 CrackBerry App Award in the Utility - General category. It was one of 15 awards presented at an event in San Francisco on September 29. The awards event was part of BlackBerry DEVCON 2010, a premier conference and showcase for what can be done with BlackBerry apps, attended by thousands of the world's most enthusiastic developers and BlackBerry experts.

Tether has attracted worldwide media attention, including coverage in The New York Times, and the product has already been installed on more than 110,000 phones worldwide. This company was the provincial winner of Innovacorp’s 2009-2010 I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

For more information, contact:

Patrick Hankinson

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 8, 2010