Sydney, NS, Start-Up Also Sponsors Counter Strike Tournament

Ubique Networks Inc., a Sydney, NS, based IT start-up today announced the launch of its lag-less SwarmioTM Intelligent Gaming Platform for multiplayer online games (MOG) ( and its eSports channel on May 15. 

The Platform, with its cutting edge dynamic network optimization technology, will be ready for the Counter Strike: Go Tournament of the PvP Gamers Dungeon in Sydney the same day.
The CS:GO Tournament hosts eight teams with cash prizes and door draws.

“We are proud to host the May 15 Tournament. Our facility has been providing local gamers with a unique eSports experience that is not available anywhere else in Atlantic Canada,” says Todd Chant, founder of PvP Gamers Dungeon. “Also, our partnership with Ubique Networks will take this event to a new level. Ubique Networks offers an amazing experience for online gamers that no other company can provide. With their unique technology, they are able to reduce latency, increase speed, and create an online portal that will be the future of online gaming."

“We are very happy to be part of this unique gamers’ event in Sydney organized by the PvP Gamers Dungeon,” says Vijai Karthigesu, founder and CEO of Ubique. “It is also an important occasion for us as we issue the first release of our Platform and launch our Swarmio eSports Channel.”

The Swarmio Platform is made up of two elements:
1.    Ubique’s proprietary lag-sensing and geo-aware technology platform that drastically reduces lag through dynamic optimization of game servers, thereby offering online gamers a level playing field regardless of location or internet performance. 
2.    A platform hosting Minecraft, CS, Don’t Starve Together, Rust, Left 4 Dead 2, Insurgency and Team Fortress 2. It will rapidly expand to include hundreds of games and give players, and in the case of minors their parents or guardians, extensive premium features including parental controls, team playing and friends’ lists.

The Swarmio eSports Channel will feature the latest news stories from the gaming industry, interviews with the movers and shakers of the industry as well as live coverage of important gaming events.
About UBIQUE Networks
Ubique Networks is an innovative technology company delivering a network optimization platform that provides the ultimate lag-less experience for multiplayer online games (MOGs) and e-sports. Ubique’s proprietary “Lag Sensing” Swarmio™ technology platform drastically reduces lag through dynamic optimization, and will host an intelligent lobby system for thousands of multiplayer and e-sports games. Ubique Networks is headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, with operations around the world. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter @UbiqueNetworks or on LinkedIn:
For more information, contact:

Senthil Ratnasabapathy
Director of Communications, Ubique Networks Inc.

May 13, 2016, Sydney, Nova Scotia