aioTV, a global provider of content aggregation software and back-office tools for video service providers and content owners, today announced YipTV has launched their streaming TV service based on the aioTV platform.

 “Our ability to normalize multiple sources of content, provide subscriber, device and player management along with packaging and control toolsets enabled YipTV to quickly realize their vision,” said Mike Earle, aioTV CEO. “We’re driving the transformation of TV using a software defined methodology that leverages the advances in streaming and consumer devices to replace traditional facilities approaches to video delivery.”

 “With aioTV, we’ve been able to craft the best Hispanic streaming service blending licensed and internet content in a rich experience at a fraction of the cost, time and resources over any other approach” said Michael Tribolet , YipTV CEO. 

FierceOnlineVideo named both aioTV and YipTV amongst the 15 hottest emerging players in the online video market. The two companies together accelerate innovation in this industry segment contributing to the IP video ecosystem and offer compelling streaming experiences.

About aioTV 
aioTV is a software platform and back-office tool set that enables video service providers and content owners to easily aggregate, authenticate and deliver multiple sources of live, on-demand and freely available video content directly to the customer in a single, branded experience to the TV and across connected devices. The company’s cloud based management platform provides the ability to design, package and control an offering leveraging existing infrastructure, billing systems and DRMs for a quick, seamless implementation.

About YipTV
YipTV, Inc., is a privately held company with offices in West Palm Beach, Fla., and New Brunswick, N.J., that provides low-cost, television channels, including domestic and international network content. Founded in 2012, YipTV is an Over the Top (OTT) television content provider that distributes over 70 channels and programs in multiple languages, letting members watch YipTV on televisions, tablets, computers, smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices. YipTV sends video content via the public internet to broadband users, bypassing legacy cable systems and head end technology, and then passes that savings directly to the consumer.  For more information, please visit

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July 30, 2015