News | Mar 26/19

CarbonCure Technologies Inc. (CarbonCure),* a world leader in the use of captured carbon dioxide (CO2) in concrete production, has been named a New Energy Pioneer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

News | Mar 25/19

Cape Breton start-ups, entrepreneurs and students have a new place to grow their ideas, collaborate, and bring innovative products to life. The Nova Scotia Power Makerspace officially opened its doors in Sydney’s north end today.

News | Mar 19/19

Innovacorp’s Early Stage Commercialization Fund (ESCF) helps move Nova Scotia university, college and university-affiliated hospital research to market. 

Paper Chasin | Mar 15/19

We’ve got some pretty legit experts in-house at Innovacorp. For example, take our clean technology investment manager, Michael Dennis (or, “the old…er Michael” as we like to call him).

News | Mar 12/19

Former Shopify VPs invest in Cribcut’s Uber-like approach to the mobile salon.

Paper Chasin | Mar 7/19

MIT IDE’s just-launched Inclusive Innovation Challenge seeks global problem-solvers and entrepreneurs

News | Feb 11/19

Supports Introduction of New Breast Imaging Quality Management Solution

News | Jan 31/19

Innovacorp announced the appointment of two new members to its board of directors today, Jan. 31.

The new appointments are Nicole LeBlanc, a native of St. George, New Brunswick, and Eleanor Beaton of Windsor. 

News | Jan 29/19

Innovacorp and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) are announcing their collaboration to invest $1 million in companies that enter Phase 2 of Propel's Incite accelerator.

Both organizations have earmarked $500,000 to make investments in selected companies in Propel’s accelerator over the next few years.