Paper Chasin | Jul 13/18

The following post was written by Veronica Sampson-Merryfield.

I have been teaching courses in software for start-ups for a while and have a number of book recommendations for programmers and entrepreneurs alike, new to software engineering.

Paper Chasin | Jul 11/18

The following blog post is from Colin MacInnis. It first appeared in his personal blog. We are reposting it here with his permission.

News | Jul 10/18

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI), a leader in smart materials and photonics, announced today (July 10, 2018) it has acquired Medical Wireless Sensing Ltd. (Mediwise), based in London, England.

Paper Chasin | Jul 5/18

The following post is from Innovacorp marketing & communications assistant Michael Bochoff.

What began as a passion for growing food has blossomed into a successful entrepreneurial venture for Nexus Robotics, providing farmers with a reliable and cost-effective way to produce crops.

News | Jul 5/18

A new pain relief company is receiving $50,000 in funding and business guidance through Innovacorp’s 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge, a province-wide competition for new technology companies. The business, Panag Pharma, is one of four winners selected in the Halifax region.

News | Jul 5/18

The winners of our 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge are described below.

Spark Cape Breton

Commlet – Patsy Leadbeater – Sydney – ($25,000)
Technology to monitor students exploring outdoor learning environments

News | Jul 3/18

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas Hall as chair and Bill Lambert and Eric Leslie as board members.

News | Jun 7/18

Judges gathered in the four Spark competition regions last week to review the 122 Spark submissions. The judging committees in each region selected a shortlist of applicants to move on in the competition.

Read about the 27 shortlisted companies below:

Paper Chasin | May 22/18

The following post is from Innovacorp marketing & communications assistant Michael Bochoff.

News | May 15/18

RetailDeep, the Halifax startup that used to be known as Skyline, is currently in the running for some big prizes and was shortlisted to the Top 20 at the XRC Labs innovation accelerator in New York City.