Innovacorp’s Early Stage Commercialization Fund (ESCF) helps move Nova Scotia university and community college research to market. Below is a list of the 2014-2015 funded projects.

Winter 2015 Round

NSCAD University

Researcher: Solomon Nagler
Project: Narratives - A Geolocative Interactive Storytelling Mobile Application

IWK Health Centre / Capital District Health Authority

Researcher: Tim Bardouille
Project: Staying Ahead of the Game - Developing an Advanced Head Tracking System for Clinical and Research Applications

Researcher: Jeremy Brown
Project: Variable Sampling Electronic Hardware for High Resolution Ultrasound Endoscopy

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Daniel Boyd, Brett Dickey, Lauren Kiri
Project: Commercialization of VIOS Bone Cement

Researcher: Melanie Kelly, Mary Lynch
Project: Novel Formulations for Ocular Pain and Inflammation

Winter 2015 Round – Emerging Medical Technologies and Therapeutics
(Note: The additional funding for ESCF’s EMTT awards was made possible in part thanks to the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.)

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Jean Francois Legare
Project: Novel Topical Therapy for the Removal of Tattoos

Researcher: Johane Robitaille, Chris McMaster
Project: A Treatment for Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy and Similar Ocular Disorders

Researcher: Rob Adamson, Manohar Bance, Dan MacDougall, Jeremy Brown
Project: Optical Coherence Tomography of the Middle Ear

Fall 2014 Round

Dalhousie University

Researcher: Louis Desgrosseilliers, Dominic Groulx, Mary Anne White
Project: Heat Storage Battery for Indoor Heating

Researcher: Johane Robitaille, Chris McMaster
Project: A Treatment for Familial Exudative Viteoretinopathy and Similar Ocular Disorders

Researcher: George Robertson
Project: Equepa - A Novel Approach to Prevent Cisplatin Toxicities

Researcher: Alex Martynenko
Project: Biorefinery of Grape Pomace

Researcher: Jordan Kyriakidis
Project: Training Coursework for Modern Requirements Engineering