The growing number of seniors requires major changes in health, housing, homecare and other areas, and can be a major drain on the economy of Nova Scotia. But they also represent a great opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Dealing with seniors’ issues and problems requires new products and new applications. These opportunities can result in great businesses that have worldwide application.

Entrepreneurs simply need to think outside the box and create new products and services!

“Seniorpreneurs” have decades of business experience, existing networks, greater financial flexibility and different motivation from young entrepreneurs. This results in huge opportunities to build and grow new businesses around seniors as well as to use seniors as mentors, advisors and co-founders.

Share existing ideas, identify new opportunities and learn about the state of the "silver economy."

Register now for the Silver Economy Summit, March 8 and 9, 2016, at the Pictou County Wellness Centre. Check out the lineup of local and international speakers, including Gerry Pond, Chair and Co-founder of Mariner Partners Inc., and Ayelet Baron, Futurist, Author and Speaker will start off the second day.