Saeed El-Darahali
Information Technology

Going places is a consistent theme in Saeed’s life. Before becoming a young man on the move, he was a boy on the move—both literally and metaphorically.

Saeed and his family moved to Nova Scotia from the Middle East when he was 13. He credits his parents with giving him a lot of responsibility at a young age, partly because they didn’t speak much English at first, and Saeed did business on their behalf with banks and government offices as a teenager.

Saeed discovered computers when he was eight, and decided at age 16 to one day become an internet entrepreneur. This was not a childhood dream. It was a goal. One of many he has already achieved—including his higher education, serving in Canada’s military, and owning real estate at 19.

Saeed’s company, SimplyCast, is close to three years old now. At its core is a multi-channel marketing technology that allows clients to push promotional messages and campaigns across multiple platforms—such as email and social media—simultaneously, in real-time. It’s the new broadcasting, and by any measure, SimplyCast is a success—made in Nova Scotia. In fact, the company already has customers in 175 countries.

But if his track record is anything to go by, we believe that our investment in Saeed will go a lot farther yet.

73 Tacoma Drive
Dartmouth, NS B2W 3Y6