Nova Magnetics-Burgmann

Nova Magnetics-Burgmann is a world leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic couplings, seal-less blowers, and diving/life support equipment.

Magnetic couplings are one of the safest solutions for sealing machinery used to transport liquids and gases. They transmit torque in rotating equipment using permanent rare-earth magnets without the risk of leakage to the environment. These couplings are ideal for handling toxic and corrosive fluids, where leakage to the atmosphere is unacceptable. Nova Magnetics-Burgmann offers patented high efficiency magnetic couplings suitable for high pressure, high horsepower, and high speed applications.

Nova Magnetics-Burgmann's seal-less blowers are used to transfer pressurized gases without the risk of leakage to the environment. Several types of seal-less blowers are available, including hyperbaric, regenerative, and special blowers for nuclear processing facilities.

The company's diving/life support equipment includes environmental conditioning systems and heating/refrigeration modules, which are used by diving companies, naval organizations, and hyperbaric research organizations.

Products and Services

  • High efficiency magnetic couplings
  • Burgmann MAK magnetic couplings
  • Magnetically coupled regenerative blowers
  • Magnetically coupled hyperbaric blowers
  • Environmental conditioning systems
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