E-academy, an international provider of online software delivery and license management, is launching a partnership with Inspiration Software Inc. to provide downloads of Inspiration’s innovative visual learning tools to educational institutions throughout the US.

School districts and university and college departments of education will be able to access Inspiration 8 and InspireData through e-academy managed and hosted Web Stores. Specializing in software management in the education market, e-academy serves over 15,000 educational institutions ranging from universities to colleges to K-12 schools and districts. Key to e-academy’s value to both educators and software publishers is its ability to match verified purchasers with academically discounted software products from publishers like Inspiration Software Inc.

Inspiration Software is the maker of innovative software to support visual learners in the classroom. Inspiration 8 and InspireData are tools for teachers and support the creation of lesson plans and learning aids which speak to both the visual and verbal learner. Both InspireData and Inspiration have won product awards from teaching, educational, and technological associations for many years running.

According to Mona Westhaver, president and co-founder of Inspiration Software, the power of visual learning is emerging as a valuable part of curriculums. "Increasingly, educators around the world are recognizing the power of visual learning to help students build critical thinking skills, understand difficult concepts, and improve their reading and writing abilities,” said Westhaver. Given the interest in and recognition by educators, Inspiration is eager to provide its software to teachers and students. “We are committed to selecting respected solution providers, such as e-academy, to ensure students and teachers worldwide have access to graphic organizers to support teaching and learning."

Ram Raju, e-academy’s founder and CEO, is pleased to be working with Inspiration. A firm believer in the importance of education, Raju said “a sound foundation for the K-12 students will enhance their overall educational experience, and e-academy welcomes the opportunity to support the educational process with Inspiration’s innovative software."

About e-academy (WWW.E-ACADEMY.COM)
For 10 years e-academy has been a leader in software management, license compliance and software distribution in the education market. With an international client base and relationships with software providers such as Microsoft and Adobe, e-academy is a trusted source for bridging the gap between software publishers and educators. e-academy currently supports over 3 million transactions a year in 72 countries.

About Inspiration Software Inc. (WWW.INSPIRATION.COM)
Recognized as the leader in visual thinking and learning, Inspiration Software Inc.'s award-winning software tools, along with Inspiration, Kidspiration and InspireData, are based on proven visual learning methodologies that help students think, learn and achieve. With the powerful combination of visual learning and technology, students in grades K-12 learn to clarify their thoughts and organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and think critically. Founded 25 years ago by Donald Helfgott and Mona Westhaver, the company's visual learning software tools are used today by more than 25 million students and teachers worldwide.

Ottawa, Ontario, June 4, 2008