Halifax-based company Clearly Health announced Thursday they have partnered with the Atlantic Diabetes Council and are now showing their diabetes education videos on the council's website, (WWW.ATLANTICDIABETES.CA).

They call it the silent killer. Diabetes affects more than two million Canadians, and it can lead to heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and amputation. But knowledge is power, and now people with diabetes have access to online videos offering advice and information about their condition.

Halifax endocrinologist Thomas Ransom says the partnership means people with diabetes will have access to accurate, informative information about the disease.

"Unlike most diseases, where patients are really just innocent bystanders, people with diabetes have to take an active role in managing the disease," Ransom said. "They have to be educated."

Since we're living in the digital age, Clearly Health president Brent Parr says it's no surprise people are flocking to the internet with their health questions.

"Eighty-one per cent of online users are looking for health information on the internet, and more than half of those users want to watch health videos," said Parr. "People don't want to flip through encyclopedias for answers. They like the speed and convenience of online research."

Of course, not everything on the internet should be taken as fact. Jenn Tuttle, executive director of the Atlantic Diabetes Council, says the Clearly Health partnership will take the guesswork out of online health research.

"There is always new information surfacing about diabetes, but there is so much on the internet, it's hard to know what's reliable," Tuttle said. "These videos provide information you can trust."

Tuttle says diabetes is already "an epidemic" and "could cripple the healthcare system." One of the main causes of Type 2 diabetes is obesity, and that's especially bad news for East Coast residents.

"In Atlantic Canada, we have higher rates of obesity, so our population is at a greater risk," Tuttle said. "People need to take an active role in managing their diabetes."

About Clearly Health (WWW.CLEARLYHEALTH.COM)
Halifax-based company Clearly Health was founded in 2007, and is dedicated to improving health through education. Their online movies help patients learn more about specific health conditions, and how healthy living and prescribed medications work to improve their well-being. The content about health conditions is reviewed and approved by a panel of endocrinology doctors and nurses, as well as diabetes educators.

About Atlantic Diabetes Council (WWW.ATLANTICDIABETES.CA)
The Atlantic Diabetes Council was founded in 2003 with a goal of promoting diabetes health education to healthcare professionals, advocating for improvements in goverment policy with regards to diabetes, and increasing research opportunities in Atlantic Canada

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 7, 2008