DementiaGuide Inc. today released a new web application, SymptomGuide™, to help people with dementia and their caregivers.

SymptomGuide™ is an online application for tracking and managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. It is now available at WWW.DEMENTIAGUIDE.CA.

SymptomGuide™ provides people with dementia, their caregivers and family members an informative unique tool for better understanding, describing and tracking symptoms. Unlike the typical online information sources which provide static information, SymptomGuide™ enables users to create unique, individualized profiles, to track and better understand symptoms over time.

Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, president and CEO of Halifax-based DementiaGuide Inc., and well known researcher and geriatrician, has translated his expertise into a web-based information resource and profiling tool. SymptomGuide™ is the result of over 10 years of research carried out by Dr. Rockwood and is designed to help people affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias to cope with the daily challenges they face as their abilities and activities change.

Dr Rockwood said, “This tool can be an important guide for discussions with family, physicians and other health professionals. A person’s SymptomGuide™ profile is updated over time permitting its tracking features to show a graph format of changes by individual symptom. This can then be printed for physician appointments."

Rockwood goes on to say, “Each person is unique in when and how they exhibit symptoms. Family members are committed to helping their spouse or parent live in the world they were familiar with. SymptomGuide™ helps to ‘make sense’ of what typically seems like random unrelated symptoms often causing highly stressful situations.”

Over a decade of research and conversation with patients and their caregivers has been the foundation forWWW.DEMENTIAGUIDE.CA and SymptomGuide™, which offer an easy-to-use resource about all aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. SymptomGuide™ is the result of extensive development and design to provide comprehensive current information about dementia, its symptoms, stages and treatments. It is easy-to-use for capturing an individual’s information and experience with dementia, and the information can be stored and used by caregivers and health professionals to track progress. Dr. Rockwood believes that capturing information that is specific to the individual and their experience better enables the patient, their caregivers and physicians to establish realistic goals and anticipate the disease’s progression.

“As DementiaGuide’s IT engineering development partner, Timeless Medical Systems is very pleased to be a part of the SymptomGuide™ and WWW.DEMENTIAGUIDE.CA release today," stated John Rowe, vice president of sales and marketing. “We believe the results of our collaboration will be a milestone for people living with dementia now and in the future”.

Since the early nineties, there have been dramatic advancements in the type and availability of drug therapy for people with dementia; however, there is no cure. Prescription medications, non-prescription medications, and physical activities and lifestyle intervention are often components of a person’s treatment plan. Gaining more specific knowledge about how different treatments affect the progress of different symptoms is important for improving approaches to treatment.

SymptomGuide™ may be accessed by visiting: WWW.DEMENTIAGUIDE.CA.

About DementiaGuide Inc. (WWW.DEMENTIAGUIDE.CA
DementiaGuide Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with dementia. From its beginnings in February 2000, the individuals who make up DementiaGuide Inc. have worked diligently in research and development to create the convenient SymptomGuide™ tool, which provides simple and comprehensive management of symptoms. The federally incorporated Halifax-based company is continually striving to provide information, support and quality services for those living with dementia, and those who care for them.

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Timeless Medical Systems develops advanced software applications, hardware and information technology systems for healthcare professionals. Timeless Medical Systems’ products include wireless handheld patient record and tracking for NICUs/PICUs, statistical information gathering, reporting and management applications for cancer registrars and oncology departments, blood product inventory management and tracking systems for blood labs/banks, comprehensive laboratory information management systems (LIS/LIMS)for all laboratory disciplines, sophisticated database systems and management tools, electronic health records (EHR/EMR) solutions, and data security, back-up and integrity systems.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 21, 2006