Halifax-based Green Power Labs Inc., a leading Canadian solar energy assessment and consulting firm, has announced a new partnership agreement with CHELONIA SA, based in Lugano, Switzerland.

CHELONIA is an energy consulting, engineering and management company with international operations.The firm develops and invests in a wide variety of green energy businesses, assets and technologies. Since 2002, CHELONIA has developed several renewable energy projects for institutional and private clients.

“Green Power Labs’ proprietary solar resource mapping technology provides unique monitoring and forecasting services that are of particular interest in the EU market where solar technologies are more widely deployed,” said Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, CEO of Green Power Labs Inc. “This partnership will merge Green Power Labs’ solar resource expertise with CHELONIA’s financial and technical expertise to support CHELONIA’s investment philosophy of competitive risk adjusted returns for solar power projects,” Pavlovski

“Microgeneration has become an increasingly attractive option to that of grid power, with ideal applications for commercial buildings, municipalities, and industrial districts. The joint venture will be well positioned to meet this challenge. With growing demand from private equity sector and merchant banks related to security-investment-packages, we can now deliver a comprehensive solution from the products, services and expertise of the combined entity,” said Silvano Coletti, Chairman, Chelonia SA.

The partnership has set aggressive marketing targets for 2009-2010, and looks forward to providing its unique and complementary suite of services to clients in the EU.

CHELONIA Group is a leading renewable energy company, developing and operating renewable and clean power generation assets in Europe and other global markets.

Green Power Labs Inc. is a company of solar resource experts and engineers. As solar resource experts, we provide solar resource mapping, monitoring and forecasting services. As solar engineers, we assist clients with assessment, planning and implementation of solar technologies.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 29, 2009