WHW Architects and Green Power Labs Inc. will be presenting Nova Scotia examples of collaboration by architects and solar energy engineers in deploying the Solar Architecture concept to reshape the built environment in Atlantic Canada to an international architecture and engineering audience in Bressanone, Italy.

John Crace, FRAIC, chairman of the Board and Directors, Sustainability for WHW Architects commented “In recent years a major focus of green building development in North America and internationally has been on setting up sustainable energy practices for the built environment.” He added “Solar Architecture as a green building concept addresses sustainable energy practices and needs of the three major tiers of the built environment: new construction, existing buildings and community planning.”

Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, CEO of Green Power Labs Inc. explained “the modern built environment has been developed in a context of readily‐available, low‐cost energy from highly concentrated fossil fuels. Today’s global energy landscape has dramatically changed; energy costs have become significant in the operation of buildings, and the sector uses a major portion of the global resources of fossil fuels. Solar has a significant role to play in addressing these energy needs.”

Both Crace and Pavlovski agree this is an excellent opportunity to position Nova Scotia as a world leader in deployment of Solar Architecture. The three projects being presented at the International Energy Forum on Solar Architecture and Solar Planning are:

  • Joggins Fossil Centre: Solar Architecture for New Construction – Building on the Resource
  • Maritime Centre Re‐Invented: Solar Architecture for Existing Buildings ‐ Reshaping the Icons
  • Dalhousie University Master Plan: Solar Energy for Communities – Advancing the Vision

For more information, contact:
Marlene Moore
Green Power Labs Inc. 
902 466 6475

Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 27, 2009